Hello! My name is Maisie and I’m a 24 year old performer and life enthusiast, welcome to my website!

Since graduating from The Urdang Academy in London with a first class Musical Theatre and Professional dance degree, I’ve been performing in a variety of shows throughout the UK and Germany. I’m often described as a small gal with a big voice!

When I’m not using my big voice you’ll find me in the gym, shower singing or teaching a range of triple-threat classes – mainly over Zoom. I’ve also been known to moonlight as a waitress in a cocktail bar (I know, not a cliché at all) and walk dogs with a great team of friends who, like me, need to pay the bills whilst our industry continues to shake off the lockdown dust.

I’m currently in Germany leading an amazing international cast (including Cirque de Soleil and Wheel of Death acrobats, magicians, a sand-artist, musicians, rock band and very gorgeous, very long-legged dancers) to reboot a season of musical theatre and cabaret at an awesome arena in Europe-Park, Germany.

Here’s a little something they wrote about me on their website:

Maisie Humphreys, Actress, Vocalist & Tutor. BA Musical Theatre & Professional Dance (Hons), 2015-2018. The Urdang Academy. Classification:1st

Close your eyes, listen … and let yourself be enchanted! Britain’s Maisie Humphreys will thrill audiences with her superb and inimitable voice. And now, we open our eyes to glimpse this being of angelic appearance … And we are surprised that a creature with such a gentle appearance has such power in her voice…

..Yup that’s me… an angelic creature! Pfft, I’ll take that, although I don’t think my partner would agree when faced with me first thing every morning! Wait there, I can actually think of a few musicals with creatures in… so goodbye my Prosecco-filled punters and hello West End casting directors, please form an orderly queue!

So if you’ve made it this far why not stay and check out my site, have a listen on my music page and get in touch to find out more?

Oh, and be sure to keep your eyes (and ears) peeled for more in Maisie world!